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  • Aurola Max 3500DGE Diesel Generator

    Output voltage230 B
    Rated power2 kW
    Max. power2.5 kW
    Alternator windingcopper

    Aurola Max 3500DGE Diesel Generator

  • Aurola Max 2500LDGE Diesel Generator

    Product description

    ◆Exquisite appearance and compact structure

    The appearance design is simple and exquisite; in order to save space, the exhaust gas from the top of the unit discharge, at the same time, the design of the oil and coolant inlets makes the service and maintenance are more convenient.

    ◆Excellent noise reduction performance

    Excellent double noise reduction design allows the unit to operate at extremely low noise run. The unique design of the engine combustion system, reasonable intake and exhaust airway design, efficient sound-absorbing sponge and excellent air circulation system, excellent noise reduction effect.

    ◆More economical and environmentally friendly

    Efficient combustion makes the combustion more complete; the fuel consumption rate is lower, and can minimize the pollution to the environment.

    ◆Full smart/normal control

    Users can choose ordinary panel and intelligent controller according to their needs. system mode. The use of fully intelligent controller makes operation and maintenance more Convenience.

    ◆Automatic switching between mains and power generation

    Users can choose ATS (Automatic Transfer Switch) according to their needs. It can be Check the normality of the mains power at the time to ensure that the load is disconnected from the power grid under condition, it will automatically switch to the unit to realize unattended operation.

    Excellent low temperature starting performance efficient preheating system enables the unit to overcome harsh environmental temperature degrees, it can ensure normal operation even in the low temperature of minus 20 degrees.


    Aurola Max 2500LDGE Diesel Generator


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