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6Pcs Cookwares Set

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This Non-Stick Cookware is made from high grade materials which ensure superior durability. A must use for all modern  homes. You can use these non- stick pots for a long period of time. They offer best results at all times. They have  glass covers which allows for proper viewing while cooking and they offer a tight fit so all the nutrients and flavor will be properly trapped in. These non-stick pots come in different sizes of 24, 28, 32cm with a 26cm fry pan to accommodate all your cooking needs. They are really nice cookware set for everyday use. The bottom of the pots have been properly designed to sit perfectly on any electric or stove top. Cook different delicacies with this 6 Set Non-Stick Pots with fry pan. Light and easy to maintain. These Non-Stick Pots have a protective layer added to make it less reactive and more scratch resistant. Suitable for all cooking sources: electric and gas sources or glass and ceramic or halogen burners. These non stick pot allow you prepare virtually any kind of food. Its nice interior coating helps keep food from sticking and also allows for easy cleaning afterwards. It is dishwasher safe. The handles and lid knobs are well-designed to provide a comfortable and secure grip. they also remain cool even after heat has been applied to the cookware. The non-stick pots heat up quickly and food is guaranteed to be cooked evenly. You will use less oil when cooking with the non-stick pots which make them ideal for health conscious people.
A unique tool for all modern homes.

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  •  Fashionable Stay Cook Bakelite Knobs and Tempered Glass Lid.bution
  •  Colored Painting Exterior and Durable non stick interior for easy and low-fat  cooking.
  •  Special Disc Bottom Makes Heat Distribution Fast.
  •  Steam Vented Glass Lid for Controlled Cooking.
  •  Highest Quality among Jio Pots.

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